The name Abjad is inspired by the Semitic, consonantal, linear writing system. Based on word roots, the Arabic script is one that uses this system, and is written from right to left.

Abjad Design is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Dubai. We at Abjad thrive on using design language as a tool of communication and expression, in which we work with various mediums that allow us to conceptualize and arrive at creative solutions that are unique to each challenge.

We provide complete design services such as branding, print design, layout, packaging, illustration, environmental graphics, product design, motion graphics and web design. Abjad Design’s interdisciplinary work serves all sectors including government, corporate, and startups, with a particular focus on the cultural and educational segments. We are also keen on contributing to the education of the growing design community by offering design lectures and workshops.

how it all started


Our mission at Abjad Design is to inspire and contribute to the growth of contemporary Arab design in the region and around the world.

Why Abjad

Abjad Design incorporates the traditional methods of design thinking with contemporary aesthetics in experimental ways that preserve the human touch in our digital world.